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About Maine Coons

Breed History 

It is said that the Maine Coons had originated in the 18th century from the state of Maine in the USA. Supposedly seafarers had brought some longhaired cats from a foreign place and when the cats mated with the local short haired cats they created an offspring that was large in size, strong built with semi long coats and bushy tail which resemble a Racoon, giving them the name Maine Coon. Legends believe ancestors creating the Maine Coon breed, came from cats that were sent from Marie Antoinette when she plotted her escape during the French Revolution, where she loaded up a ship with her belongings and her six favourite cats and sent them ahead. However, she never made it to America, although her cats did and are said to have mated with the already existing breed of America creating the Maine Coon breed.

 Maine Coons in the showing world began in New York, 1895 when the award for Best Cat was won by a Tabby Maine Coon named Leo. Leo continued to win at the Boston cat shows until 1900 when he was final defeated, by his own son. 


Personality and Temperament 

Maine Coons despite their size are known for being friendly, gentle, sweet, affectionate and playful. They have a good nature as they love to be around family and are also obedient as they will come when called. The Maine Coon is also known to be great with guests as they have a sociable nature. As they are a large breed of cat they need space to play and exercise.

 Maine Coons are known as being “Gentle Giants” and “Lap-Cats”. They are quite a relaxed breed which makes them easily settle with other animals and children. As well as being relaxed they are very playful and affectionate. Many Maine Coons have a fascination with water, which is believed to have come from their ancestors. The Maine Coons are also well known for being very vocal cats. Rather than having a common meow Maine Coons are known for yowling, howling, trilling or chirping. 

 Appearance Description 

 The Maine Coon is Very large in size, they have powerful muscular bodies with a broad chest. They have long backs and their legs are substantial which form a rectangular shape with their body. They also have long pieces of hair in-between their toes which was used in the breed when they lived in snow conditions, which helped weather proof their feet. Their tail is also long, reaching around the same length of their back. Their tails are very long and bushy. Their heads are commonly slightly longer than they are wide. They have a square muzzle with a firm chin. Their ears are large and tall, they start wide at the base and taper to a pointed tip finished with tufts. Their eyes are full, rounded and are slightly oblique set. Their eye colour maybe green, gold or copper or even odd-eyed having blue and green. 

 The Maine Coon has a medium too long heavy and silky coat, their hair drapes longer on their chest, stomach and legs. However, their coat is shorter over their shoulders. The Maine Coon can come in a number of variety of colours, with the most common being white, red, black, blue and tortoiseshell. All these colours can come in a variety of patterns including tabby, silver, shaded, smoke, solid and tortoiseshell. 


 Originally, the Maine Coons were polydactyl cats, which means they have more toes than the normal cat. However, this trait was no longer needed (as the extra toes were used to help walk through the snow) they were bred out of the breed. Due to this, the polydactyl trait is quite rare and a desired trait to have. Polydactyls are also known as “Mitten Paws”. 

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